Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnets are a low cost alternative to the more expensive (and powerful) neodymium magnet ranges. Ferrite offers a standard level of magnetic performance at a low cost. Ferrite Magnets have a good resistance to demagnetization and their low cost makes them a popular choice.

With the low cost associated with Ferrite Magnets, they are suitable for a wide range cost sensitive applications from motors and loudspeakers to crafts and toys.

Ferrite is one of the most popular and widely used materials today.

What are Ferrite Magnets?

Ferrite Magnets are sintered permanent magnets which are made of a composition of Barium or Strontium Ferrite. They are considered to be a hard material and very brittle and therefore, they require special techniques in the manufacturing process. As with other materials, Ferrite Magnets are produced in an un-magnetized state.

How do I know which magnet is right for me?

It is sometimes hard to know which magnet is right for you. We offer many different materials and sizes, so sometimes this means the task of choosing one can be slightly daunting.

When looking to choose a magnet, we generally take the following factors into consideration;

  • Air Gap – is there any gap between the magnet and its contact point (whether it be steel or another magnet)…? It is important to remember the air gaps will reduce the performance of a magnet considerably.
  • Permeability – how permeable is the material you’re using (e.g. steel)…? It is often forgotten that the material you stick magnets to can only hold so much magnetism before it is saturated. We often relate it to a bucket a water which once full... can’t be made ‘fuller’.
  • Position – is the magnet being used in a shear or vertical position…? It is much easier (approximately five times) to slide a magnet than it is to pull it off vertically.
  • Temperature – Will the magnets be used in an environment that has high temperatures…?
  • Area in Contact – what is the area in contact between the magnet(s) or magnet and steel?

The above list is an example and dependent on the application, we may look at other factors which could potentially effect the magnetic performance.

If you have any doubts at all, we have a friendly technical department that is always happy to give guidance and will point you in the right direction. You can contact our Technical Department on 0845 519 4701 (Mon – Fri 0830 – 1700).